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Steps to generate your license key NEGA

Once you have purchased your license or licenses, you must follow these steps for each computer you want to get your license.

Go to download website and chose the Operating System where do you want to install NEGA , and download & install it:

Download last version NEGA  HERE.

It is a good idea, to temporarily disable virus and malware detectors in the installation process, to avoid false positives and file errors, then you can re-enable it.

Only for Windows version users:
The file is a *.ZIP compressed you have to decompress it by double clicking, then you will see an *.EXE file this is setup installer, then you can run it, accept all system warnings that it asks for.

Only for OSX Apple Mac version users:
You must copy the *.Tar file in the Applications folder, and there you can unzip it, you must respect the order of the folders and not take the application out of the created folders.

Once installed run NEGA , on the main window you’ll see the button “Request license” you press it, fill out the form and agree.

A new window will be displayed with any codes, copy them with the button labeled “Copy”, paste them into an email and send them without changing anything to macwinlincps@gmail.com , its are the codes we need to generate your license.

In 24 h max. when we check the data sent, we will send you the license key to validate your installation.