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MacWinLin CPS specializes in software development, for three most used operating systems, Apple OSX, Microsoft Windows and Linux, for PC, embedded and Internet systems to increase security in WAN network applications over the Internet, Cloud computing is used Of high security, with applications compiled in machine code avoiding the interpreted code.

We are passionate about things like software for scientific applications, computer graphics applied, incredible projects, scientific fantasy, we are that rare.

Our development philosophy used, is based on the following equality “Simplicity = Powerful results”, although this gives more work, a very peculiar engineering is practiced, studying what can be useful to obtain scientifically reliable results, leaving the mind free, to create without scientific skepticism or prejudice, our work, is based on agile development, involves the client, each decision, each new idea, at each stage are presented results to be evaluated before moving to the next phase, this saves design costs and time.

You want to invest in an exciting project of PC software or an embedded system, even incredible to develop, so much that it may seem technically unfeasible, because it would be a good time to contact, we care, we have an open mind.

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