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Manel de Vicente is a senior engineer and CEO MacWinLin CPS, started in computer graphics in 1988 when he learned to draw with CAD software and to use dBaseIV databases to extract information from CAD layouts files on an IBM PC. He specialized in microprocessor programming, for industrial applications and automation, learning languages such as Basic, ASM, C / C ++ and Pascal (Delphi). He later obtained a university degree in Technical Engineering in Industrial Electronics (Hardware and Software) at the UPC -Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya- in Barcelona (Spain). He currently holds the degree of Judicial Expert in Computer Science and Electronics Forensics.

Currently, OOP programming by different languages, SQL databases and tools with the latest technologies for software and Internet development, he has worked in machinery control and automation design, has been responsible for technical sales and projects in different industrial sectors, and after-sales service of facilities, acquiring knowledge on mechanics, electronic components, automatisms, hydraulics, pneumatics and industrial supplies.
In 2010, he founded MacWinLin CPS (Cross-Platform Software) to develop software for Apple OSX, Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems.
The current activity in MacWinLin CPS, focuses on software for graphical analysis for forensic science, mainly forensic handwriting experts & Criminalistics all over the world.