ISA Forensic Software

¿What is ISA (Intelligent Spatter Analysis) ®? 

ISA (Intelligent Spatter Analysis) ® is a forensic software that calculates origin area by blood patterns analisys -BPA- projected on surface, it is a novelty in the sector that the scene works in a simple and intuitive 3D environment to use, viewing the new analyzes in real time , is specially designed for Forensic Experts in Crime Scene Investigation.


How can ISA (Intelligent Spatter Analysis) ® help me in my work?

ISA (Intelligent Spatter Analysis) ® has been designed to be handled intuitively, in the same way as in the real scene, we see the scene in 3D, entering data and varying 3D dimensions is extremely simple, everything is intuitive.

The bloodstains analysis  is done with a few mouse clicks on each photo, placing a photo on a wall of the 3D Scene is done with two clicks, by activating a box the origin area  is calculated automatically and with just pressing a button a full PDF report is generated along with the export of photos to disk, all sorted by scene name in a folder.

We can also export the entire scene or just the walls with bloodstains, to a Wavefront Technologies .OBJ file, to complement its content with other 3D creation software.